Be Open To Advise


Proverbs 5: 1 Son, listen to this piece of wisdom from me. Pay attention to what I know to be true. (ETRV)

How many times have you given someone some solid advice that was just what they needed at that time, yet they didn’t follow it, then they regretted not doing as you said? I know I have and it is frustrating until I stop to realize, that I have done the same thing hundreds of times to someone else.

Being teachable is not a natural thing for us to do. Submitting our ego, humbling our hearts, trusting other’s advice, and then acting on it is hard to do. Yet the times I have been humble and trusted, I could not stop thanking the person who guided me.

If we would be bold enough to open ourselves up to a mentor, then act on going where they are leading us, we would be so amazed how the learning curve goes down. We would enjoy the pleasure of knowing how we don’t have to depend only on our thoughts but we also have a person in our corner to help us stay on course. With the beauty of knowing that they may not always tell us what we want to hear but truly what we need to hear. They could guide us back to see the truth in our thoughts, actions, attitudes, and even our results.

The challenge is to take the leap of faith and seek out someone who can and will tell us the truths that you need to hear. Then step out on faith from their example, not on the sight of the things we have done in the past.

“Walk by faith, not by sight” Corinthians

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