How Will You Live?


Proverbs 3:35 The way the wise live will bring them honor, but the way fools live will bring them shame. (ETRV)

The word responsibility jumps out of this verse. It is saying to me if you add 2 plus 2 you will get 4. If you decide to only add 1 plus 2 you will never get 4. The seeds we plant along the way in life seem to bring us a crop based on what we planted. Not on what we hoped for. Doing the wise thing trumps just doing what everyone else is doing.

Who are we going to spend time with, who are we going to learn from, who are we going to listen to, what are we going to talk about, how are we going to live our lives? We become our friends, we act life out in the way we learn to see it. “what entertains us trains us.” We need to look at all those things and see if others are going where we want to go, do they carry themselves in the way I want to be seen, are these people I want to be learning from? How we spend our time, what we think about, and how we walk it out decides the results this life will bring.

We all have to make a choice. Today should I do the wise thing or just be lazy and do the dumb thing. Usually, we have to make a choice what is the wise thing to do? It is work, doing things like you are doing now (reading, learning, seeing if there is something for you). For our life to change we need to change. We can blame others (I did for years) or we can decide to live life on a higher level. Yes, things will happen out of our control, but having wisdom we will know what to do or at least know enough to keep asking questions until we find an answer or an acceptance of the situation. Live life don’t let it leave you asking where did it go?

When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad I feel bad.

Abraham Lincoln

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